Vegetable Malaysia prices may increase due to heavy rains Vegetable prices may increase due to heavy rains in Malaysia

Incessant heavy rains in Malaysia over a few weeks reduced vegetable crop yields, farmers said. A drop of

of about 20 to 30 per cent in the supply of vegetables will inevitably lead to higher prices of vegetables like spinach,

okra, long bean and chillies. Mr. Steven Lee, president of the Malaysian Joe Wholesaler Vegetable Association, said prolonged

rains affected crop-producing areas in the Melaka Cameroon Highlands and Kuala Lumpur vegetable markets.

Unstoppable rain reduced the supply. Overall supply has fallen 20 to 30 percent, especially for farms that are in and

out of the open. That means production like spinach, bok choy, long beans and okra will be affected, said Mr. Lee,

who operates a farm in Melaka. The weather has been unpredictable this year, with above normal rainfall recently.

Vegetable  Said it rained almost daily in the last few weeks. During the third quarter of the year, between

July-October, the weather will be good, there will be a rebalancing of supplies. Farmers will get a good

crop this time, prices will fall, but this year we have not seen it at all, prices are rising and are likely to continue to rise.