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Through Your Story How the bank provides another real-time payment solution to auto dealers

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Now let us tell you that through the dealership, you can easily get whatever money you have from the sale

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immediately seven days a week. Now Minneapolis 9, 2022 joins you for yet another innovative RTP® network solution!

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The bank can now provide loan funds to the auto dealers for all of you very soon after the finalization

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of the loan contract by the bank. Let us tell you that soon after the completion of a very good

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and successful pilot in the month of June, you have already received money from auto loan through real-time pay

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to all to more than 800 auto dealers by US Bank. enabled to do. Let us tell all of you that the bank is expected


to give a good solution to all the dealers in the coming few months and let you know about

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it as this bank continues to improve the operational efficiency for the auto dealers very well. Is.

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Let us tell you that while financing all of your auto loans may take longer than you would with the traditional

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ACH payment method – let us tell you that, especially when sales here happen very quickly outside

us bank customer service

 of banking hours and all Very quick real-time payments to dealers, secure for all dealers

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and available to him seven days a week, including holidays for him. Let us tell you that auto dealers


who use real-time payments properly have more control over cash flow, and enjoy a very high 


competitive advantage with better contract-in-transit metrics, which A very good key performance indicator for auto

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dealers and for all their employees. The solution here is also well available to the vehicle dealers for recreational purposes.