US Bank 

About US Bank National Trust Association v Marion Mason To the owners of the mentioned immovable

property and to all interested parties The sheriff's sale has been reported Number of Sheriff Sales File: 77-22-0024-SS

US Bank 

About the date and time of sale: Wednesday, October 19, 2022, from 10:00 a.m. onwards. Place of Sale:

US Bank 

Court House Commissioner Room, Near 100 Court House Square Regarding the decision to be satisfied:

$58,556.42 Reason number: 77D01-2202-MF-000059 Plaintiff: U.S. Through the Bank Trust National Association, not in its individual capacity,

US Bank 

it is solely the owner of the RCF 2 Acquisition Trust as trustee Respondent: Marion Mason Told that the Clerk

of the Superior/Circuit Court of Sullivan County, Indiana, on the basis of a certified copy of a decree directed

US Bank 

to him, he shall pay me, along with interest and cost, the amount in good provided in the said decree, 

interest and cost. With great need to make, will publicly disclose the date listed above, the fee of the entire body

of immovable property to the highest bidder at the location with time fixed path or parcel of land shall be described as follows:

Its lot number nineteen (19) under Commodore P. In addition to the city of Shelburne in Riggs, as seen on the recorded

plate of the above addition, in addition to the city of Shelburne, Cp. Lot number twenty in the rigs,

as clearly visible on the recorded plate of the above addition. Usually at: 213 West Griffith Street, Shelburne, 47879

parcel no. has been given 77-02-34-442-021.00-005 Issues, proceeds thereof, with profits, shall be sold without valuation

or good relief from valuation laws. As stated in the requirements of IC 32-29-7-3, this notice would best

represent the service of notice of sale of immovable property on owners. Inclement weather and other county

emergencies may result in the cancellation of the entire sheriff's sale. Sheriff's sale is canceled, each parcel will be cancelled. 

The parcel will also be allocated for the next available sale allowing compliance with the Indiana Code regarding publication 

and service deadlines. The new Sheriff's sales fee will be assessed and the parcels will be automatically re-advertised.

The plaintiff will be responsible for the new fees advertising costs. John B. Flatt, plaintiff's prosecutor Attorney no.

About Nelson and Frankenberger 550 Congressman Blvd suite 210 Carmel, 46032. In (317) 844-0106 Clark E. cottum, sheriff

By: Heather Kaufman, Administrative Assistant Phone: 812-268-4308 Curry Township The Sheriff's Department does not guarantee

the accuracy of published commonly known addresses. Please serve: Marion Mason 8819 Bono Rd in Terre Haute, 47802

US Bank National Trust Association

Marion Mason 213 West Griffith Street Shelburne, 47979. In First Ins 09-07-2022 - 3t hspaxlp