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Tips for Coexistence with Campus Wildlife 2022 | CU Boulder Today

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Tips for Coexistence with Campus Wildlife 2022 | CU Boulder Today The CU (University of Colorado) Boulder campus is home to

raccoons, otters, deer, squirrels, prairie dogs and dozens of species of birds, with foxes rebounding in the area at times.

On rare occasions one gets to see large animals like coyotes and bears. CU Boulder's Environmental Services

CU Boulder's Environmental Services team provides simple reminders about people wildlife for students, faculty, and its staff.

Do not go near wild animals or feed them anything inside the premises. Don't even go near squirrels or birds.

Do not feed turtles or fish living in the Feli and Kitredge ponds or any ponds around the premises at the Varsity Lake which is 5.8Km.

If you see an injured or dead animal on campus, immediately notify the CU Facilities Management (FM)

service desk at 303-492-5522 so that designated campus staff can assist or remove the animal. For further information,

the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website has many resources and tips on it, This hibernation season requires 

the bears to consume about 20,000 calories per day, increasing the chances of seeing a bear. Troy Muller, 

Wildlife Manager and Integrated Pest Manager, said, "CU Boulder's setting provides ample opportunities for wildlife viewing.