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Spider-Man: Joe No Way Home Star Tom Holland Takes a Break from Social Media I Get More Spiral When I Read Things About Myself

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Tom Holland opens up about his struggle with his mental health in a new video on his Instagram.

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Tom Holland makes a brief return to his social media to announce his absence. spider man 4

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Tom Holland is ready to take another break through his social media. The Spider-Man: No Way Home star has been the first to stop 

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his own promotions on stage to take a breather and people feel like time is back as the actor announced on his Instagram

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 That will take a step back from the madness as he himself is ready to delete his Instagram and Twitter from his phone for the sake of his mental health.

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The 26-year-old actor shared his concerns very well with fans in one of his video clips, saying,

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"I feel like Instagram and Twitter are considered overly provocative, so to be excessive," he then added himself. continued, 

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otherwise i get caught and when i read myself i get more spiral" talk more about me online and ultimately it's too harmful for my own mental state.

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so after that the actor Having worked with his charity Steem 4 to talk about a group of helpful apps, a collective he believed to work 

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heavily with through his own The Brothers Trust organization, he gave his fans the idea of stemming himself. 

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4 and The Brothers Trust organization. Through websites, the organization takes care of Tom and his own three younger brothers.

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Holland himself began his own statement by revealing that he had tried several times to record his video, but according to his comicbook, "Hello dear friends,

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 so I'm going to try to shut it down for an hour. I've been, and for a friend that's the last 13, 14 years I've spent, no matter how long 

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I've been acting and struggling myself, I can't do it myself every five minutes without 'umming' and 'aring' Can't say

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 what I have to say. So I'm going to try again and again." He further said, that's why I have taken a break from my social media for my mental health. 

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Citing his own reasons, Tom drew a conclusion, I myself decided to take a step back and therefore delete the app as well.