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It Reportedly Southern Charm's Craig Conover Responds to Ex-Naomi Olindo and Whitney Sudler-Smith's Hookup

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According to Khawar, the news of Naomi Olindo and Whitney Sudler-Smith's hookup on the August 18 episode

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of Southern Charm quickly spread like wildfire around the world. See how Craig Conover and all the other cast members responded

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It turns out that on the August 18 episode, talk of Naomi Olindo and Whitney Sudler-Smith's hookup well spread throughout

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 the Southern Charm cast, and while almost all of Loz was shocked, it was revealed that only one person was left upset.

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It was reported that once Austen Kroll spilled the beans, Naomi's ex, Craig Conover, responded very nicely. 

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Oh my god it smells like that. And going Whitney with me? Told it was just not that funny. as much as he

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Be advised that Craig wasn't always upset with his ex, though—just Whitney. Everyone knew that Naomi would want to do anything on her own,

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But I think it's Whitney's shadow as he said in one of his confessions. Bro-codes are complicated at times

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I apprehend it for all of you, however will let you all know it's nonetheless my ex lady friend as nicely.

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The tension only escalated when Whitney, who had apparently been listening to Craig and Austen's 

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conversation for some of the past 15 minutes, walked in after him and called them 

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Whitney hasn't denied the rumors about Naomi by her own accord, and Craig once revealed that he and Naomi  who 

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they both dated for two years before going their separate methods in 2017. kristin cavallari southern charm

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did and they reunited in brief final 12 months - so reputedly records became, Whitney spoke back in her reply,