The 'smiling sun' optical illusion guaranteed to brighten your day When one thinks too much about the fact

that we've seen all kinds of optical illusions possible, another mind-bending example comes to the fore. 

And this one delightful gift doesn't come courtesy of anyone else. It has been learned that through a good

official Twitter account of NASA, he has shared a picture of a smiling sun in front of everyone. It has

It has been proved that the Sun is indeed God and it is all thanks to the number of dark spots on the Sun, 

also known as coronal holes, any areas where the strong solar wind blows into space (possibly the largest part of the Sun).

after eating curry). And yes it looks like it really is that the sun is still giving us a really good old grin today. 

It may be that the 'sun with face emoji' is not cartoonish. For more awesome examples for you all, take

cartoonish. For more awesome examples for you all, take a close look at the best optical illusions ever.

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