Roger Federer will retire from tennis: He made the game so easy It was reported that Federer, who won 20 Grand Slam singles titles,

 said the injuries surgery had taken a toll on the body. His last competitive matches will be in London the very next week.

Racket thrower Swiss teenager Roger Federer, considered one of the world's most polished athletes, was part

of a generation that dominated tennis for two decades, announcing on Thursday that he would retire from competition.

I am 41 years old, playing more than 1,500 matches in 24 years, Federer said in an audio clip posted on 

social media. Tennis has treated me more generously than ever before I must recognize when it is time to

end my competitive career well. Federer dropped the game in one of the biggest competitive records in his history:

103 Tour singles titles 20 Grand Slam singles titles No. 1 in 310 weeks with him six victories in the season-ending

 the season-ending Tour Finals. Looking at his runs, injury did not compel him to stop playing the started match.

Her decision follows Serena Williams' move, giving the tennis world the most definitive confirmation of a 

generational shift toward young stars Carlos Alcaraz. Open won. Williams turns 41 at the end of this month,

 developing away from competition, leaving the door ajar for a comeback after this year's departure in the US.

Federer battling injuries for years, was certain of his exit, Men's tennis's Big Three include Federer's longtime

rival Rafael Nadal Novak Djokovic But not before one last storm brings them together, their bodies ready for aging.