Roger Federer will retire from tennis 2022 Federer said next week would make his last competitive appearance

at the Laver Cup in London, the annual team event he helped build heavily on as part of his legacy for the sport

for the sport which he ruled alone before Nadal emerged and Djokovic took power. shifted the balance. ,

Some of his biggest wins against him, as well as many of his worst setbacks. Part of Federer's enduring 

enduring appeal came from his vulnerability. Losing big matches often shed tears in victory and defeat.

Nadal referred to Federer on Twitter as a friend rival, saying personally a sad day for sports around the world.

From golf's Ryder Cup to the Laver Cup, Federer is scheduled to play in team Europe alongside Nadal Djokovic

Nadal Djokovic and British star Andy Murray, considered one of the key players of this extraordinary era.

By the grace of Federer, no one has covered the courts of the world well enough. He didn't move as flow He was as

comfortable stretching for the volley bounce overhead He was patrolling the baseline His signature stroke, 

leaping well in the inside-out forehand, the contact after the ball went Emphasizing that his eyes were

well on point, he had a little more time to cast the spell than his peers with speed and courtly sense.

Made the game so easy His former coach Paul Anacone said I always felt he was Picasso with a tennis racket.

The thing that I will miss the most is what he has brought to the game. Federer struggled to tame his temper

and perfectionist streak well into his youth, a series of coaches frustrating his parents Robert and Lynette. He shouted angrily.

He lost a few matches he should have won. Learned to control his frustration over time became a model of calm restraint under

pressure, with rare exceptions. It was a notable change that gave Federer a wide reach and a throwback appeal that he developed from his mentors.