Real Madrid

Real MadridReal Madrid vs Celtic Live Online: Champions League 2022-23

2022-23 FT Real Best Madrid 5

Confident win for Real Madrid, who almost qualify for the Round of 16 as overall group winners. Celtic came to play (brave?)

Los Blancos have long been known for their ruthless streak. If you give them a chance, they've proven

they'll capitalize every time. Fed Valverde scored with a fine strike from the field. Goalkeeper Thibaut

Courtois had time to score the goal as Celtic felt they had a goal or two. Their weaknesses were exploited by 

Carlo Ancelotti, who took the biggest win of the season. Real Madrid and RB Leipzig 16. about the round

With RB Leipzig winning 4–0 over Shakhtar Donetsk, it is clear that Real Madrid lead the way after a group win, 

with Leipzig in second place. Shekhar takes the best consolation prize of Europa League place in the new year.

Celtic goalkeeper Joe Hart spoke to UK broadcaster BT Sport about whether a penalty should have been awarded in the first half.

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