Discovered Planet Killing Asteroid That Could Hit Earth

On Monday, an international team using instruments 

at the American Observatory from Cerro Tololo Inter in Chile revealed that it was very successful in finding

three near-Earth asteroids (NEAs) shielded by the Sun's cosmic rays, lurking in the inner solar system. Were.

Due to the proximity of the asteroid to the Sun, it is becoming very difficult to get an accurate account of it.

Scientists can use much of the current technology to detect potential collision hazards for centuries, so no asteroid poses a 

current threat to the planet. That said Shepard says the discovery is a significant advance in finding similar NEAs that could soon 

pose a major threat. Shepard made a good conclusion. Our DECAM survey is considered one of the largest 

and most sensitive discoveries within Earth's orbit for objects near the orbit of Venus." The types of objects are hidden.

NASA successfully completed its first asteroid redirection test well before its fall, completely smashing

 a satellite into an asteroid to alter trajectory. The test was reported to shorten the orbit of an asteroid by

more than 73 seconds, from about 25 times the target set by NASA researchers related to the mission.