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P.A.R.K. In good news, Positive Atmosphere Reach Kids partnered with US Bank and Junior Achievement 

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(JA) to partner with them to teach all children the financial concepts behind home ownership. is of.

us bank mortgage

Let us tell you that it does its work as part of the ongoing US Bank Access Home, which also

us bank mortgage

aims to provide good money in all five of the countries including Little Rock. Along with making

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 it work well as a tool to help you make the most of black home ownership rates.

us bank mortgage

It was told that just a few days back the three organizations worked together for this as "Financial 

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Awareness Day" and where they worked with Dr. All of Martin Luther King Jr.'s students well 

us bank mortgage

supported Little Rock's students by distributing, according to information, back to school 

us bank mortgage

according to information, back to school drive-thru supply bags to the school's doorstep giveaways.

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For information primary and P.A.R.K. The National Pan-Hellenic Council, an all student sorority

us bank mortgage

organization of The Divine Nine Black fraternity with Fannie Mae, was told that the materials

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provided by the groups included information on buying a home for everyone with financial literacy.

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Through the Access Home initiative we have with U.S. Bank, we were able to do something extraordinary


for it, said PARK, President and Founder Keith There's also a reason why both of them are essential

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