Open Enrollment in CT's Insurance Marketplace

Connecticut's Affordable Care Act Exchange stated that

Care Act Exchange stated that this open enrollment day for 2023 health plans will begin on Tuesday, November 1.

Insurers courted controversy, proposing an average 20% increase on health plans for the next year. The insurance

department approves a smaller number, an average of 13% but a variety of subsidies are being offered to reduce costs.

About 84% of the 101,285 people enrolled through the exchange—known as Access Health CTs—have extended

extended this for three years, as subsidies under the American Rescue Plan Act were about to expire.

Access Health is offering a lot of in-person support, along with phone and online support for anyone they might be interested

in signing up for or renewing their health insurance. This fall is the state's 10th open enrollment for schemes on the exchange.

Starting January 1st for anyone who signed up between December 15th. Those who signed up from December

16 to January 15 will have the benefit of this scheme starting from February 1. These schemes will run throughout

throughout the year till December 31, 2023. Know which insurance companies sell policies on the exchange?

Two companies offer health plans – Anthem Health Plan and ConnectiCare. ConnectiCare operates under two separate

 licenses ConnectiCare Benefits Inc. as well as ConnectiCare Insurance Company Inc. It sells the policy under