WHO said today that monkeypox has become a global health emergency

Told that the logo of the World Health

Told that the logo of the World Health Organization is sung very well by the entrance of the WHO building

in Geneva and Switzerland on 20 December 2021. The UN agency's emergency committee said on Tuesday that

that the monkeypox outbreak continues to represent a very high global health emergency, the very highest

level of alert from the World Health Organization. Reportedly, the WHO label is of growing concern that 

the public health emergency (PHEIC) is well designed to trigger a coordinated international response

and to support the sharing of vaccines and treatments to all. You may well unlock the money for it..

The WHO said a few months ago in July that this fast-spreading monkeypox outbreak highly represented a global health emergency.

How does monkey pox happen? Monkeypox spreads quickly from person to person by direct contact with infectious scabs or

any body fluids. It can be spread during very long-term face-to-face contact, such as kissing, hugging, or sex.