Missouri refused abortion services to a woman

The Fed launched the first investigation into allegations a woman

denied her a medically necessary abortion The federal government has launched an investigation after a Missouri

 hospital allegedly denied abortion services to her during a medical emergency. The investigation revealed that 41-year-old

Melissa Farmer, whose waters broke when she was 18 weeks pregnant, battling problems such as bleeding cramps,

was admitted to Freeman Hospital on August 2 after doctors told her she was pregnant. was no longer viable,

it now needed to be eliminated as the farmer faced the risk of a very serious infection. It was told that doctors

who violate the law can be prosecuted properly and license will be canceled as well. The Biden administration clarified

that doctors are required to strictly comply with federal law when it comes to providing abortion services despite

the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade's state-triggered laws. The US Department of Health and Human Services

(HHS) announced that federal law outright bans state abortions in cases of medical emergencies where the mother's life is at great risk.