Miles Turner: Lakers should watch trades with pacers

Turner is a 26-year-old center in his eighth season

Turner is a 26-year-old center in his eighth season with Indiana, averaging 12.7 points, 6.7 rebounds

and 2.3 blocks per game, shooting 3 to 34.9%. Has added about 43% of outside shots in seven seasons with Indiana.

With a 13-for-30 showing from outside in Sunday's first win, the Lakers are last in the league as a team in 3-point

3-point shooting at 26.6%. The role-playing players were to play Damien Jones and Wayne Gabriel, with Davis

tasked with playing 5, The Lakers made significant plans to reevaluate the roster after 20 games and may

engage in trade talks around Thanksgiving. Turner has played his entire career in small market Indianapolis,

And said I think here we do not get the love which we totally deserve. It is not taken at all at the national level. 

 Under the microscope in the west. It is learned that Indiana has started its season 3-4. The Lakers are 1-5.

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