This story describes how Microsoft and Alaska Airlines are working with the startup to create a clean,


clean jet fuel that cuts carbon emissions When it was told that Sustainable Aviation Fuel which


is of great importance, which was commonly told that it is called SAF, and it was also said


that it has been very expensive to produce till now, but now it was told that ever since Since

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then new startups started coming, now the work of making clean fuel from carbon has started at a very


affordable cost. Now that said, the new tax credits for very clean fuel production from the recently

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signed Inflation Reduction Act to everyone very soon could serve to push these companies much faster.

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Most of this SAF is said to be made from carbon from organic vegetable oils, but a large chemical 

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technology company based in Berkeley, Barah, Calif., is working to make fuel from carbon dioxide.

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By this they have announced a collaboration with Alaska Airlines and Microsoft to very quickly


advance the production and use of well-twelve e-jets, a very low carbon jet fuel. alaska flights alaska air cargo

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It was told that the work done according to Flanders, this process is very cheap for this compared

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this compared to the existing SAF production. And it has also been pointed out that in the last few decades the cost

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of renewable electricity is also falling very high, so now the cost of CO2 capture is helping, and now the cost

of electrolyser is getting very low. so that in the technology that we use to convert CO2 and water into the building blocks for fine jet fuel,