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Nearly 94.2 million combined Instagram followers, Spring collection has about 83 pieces, 21 months apart

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First of all at 06:30 in the morning. I seem to have gotten into the worst habit of being an early bird.

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 Then what I love most about getting up early and feeling really productive is even before lunch. And first of all I check my own phone.

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Your Instagram is my dearest favorite app. I don't know how to post my Instagram very often, but every day 


 sometimes I look at my albums and find some really cool flaws. Which is 7 in the morning. I like to work out most of the morning. 

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To keep me toned, I also do a lot of work out with my fitness trainer Gunnar Peterson, 

kendall kylie cosmetics

and I even take an occasional kickboxing class. And where I go first at 8:00 a.m. 

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varies from day to day depending on what I'm working on on our new contemporary line, Kendall + Kylie. I love driving, 

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but usually take a car. I have to be the DJ in the car forever. I am passionate about making playlists the most.

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And when you create a playlist, you first have to get to know the crowd and if the right vibe is to fit right in,

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plus throw in some great classics and new things first that no one else has heard.  kendall x kylie cosmetics kendall and kylie brand

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 I listen to Kanye, Drake and Justin a lot, but I don't have a favorite good style of music. And at 9 in the morning. 

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We start our day working hard with our Kendall + Kylie team at the office. The collection is extra special because

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it shows me how my friend Kylie and I dress today. Today we'll take a thorough review of clothing, 

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model as well as must-have fittings, and meet with photographers for more collaboration on all of our upcoming look-book shoots. 

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And at 12 noon. Lunch is really quick most of the time. I usually eat more lean chicken and brown rice, 

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and as usual we snack on raw vegetables with a dip. I wish I had more time to go grocery shopping and I like to pick my own vegetables.

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This is my fastest-paced schedule. For me to relax, and a massage is always good, but let me tell you,

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I am mostly busy sleeping or having fun at home with my sisters. I'm also obsessed with frozen yogurt like myself.

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  I can eat it every day because I like it more, and one thing, but I aim for my treatment twice a week from work. I usually get more of a classic tart flavor from Go Greek.