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It was told that celebrity life coach Jennifer Lopez and her partner will execute Ben Affleck's wedding?

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A new report suggests that Bennifer has thoroughly selected all of his officers for his Georgia ceremony.

jennifer lopez and ben affleck jlo and ben affleck

According to the news, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are going to tie the knot with each other 

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for the second time. It was previously reported that the couple, who were legally and well married in an intimate 

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wedding ceremony in Las Vegas, are in Georgia to hold a huge celebration of their relationship with

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friends and their own families over the coming weekend. Making good plans.  jennifer lópez ben affleck

an unfinished life

 And now, according to a report, the couple has chosen their wedding rituals as per their customs.

jennifer lópez ben affleck

According to some reports, Jay Shetty, his celebrity life coach and very big-time podcaster,

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is all set to wrap up Bennifer's wedding in Georgia. It has also been learned that Shetty has been living with Lopez

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for the past few years. And the superstar singer has also been the focus of Shetty's jennifer lopez jlo

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On Purpose podcast along with other big names who have been a part of the show including Kobe Bryant, 


Will Smith and Gwyneth Paltrow. And in return, Lopez also invited the podcaster to her latest 

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   release Marry Me as well, in which she performed 4 more weddings as part of a PR stunt.

jennifer lopez and ben affleck

It was learned that only in September last year, Shetty acted as executive officer at Lilly's All in Collins

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 and McDowell for director Charlie in Colorado. Know that Lopez also went on a tour of Shetty's

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 own YouTube series Coach Conversations last summer and opened up about the struggles of their happy relationship.