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Mark Ruffalo Reveals If Avengers: Secret Wars Endgame And Possible World War Will Be On Top Like The Hulk Movie

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It was reported that Mark Ruffalo recently spoke well about Marvel's upcoming Avengers film, Secret Wars, saying that it will be much bigger than Avengers: Endgame.

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It was reported that Mark Ruffalo, who during Marvel's new show, would reprise his role as Bruce Banner in She-Hulk alongside Tatiana Malsony,

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would also briefly appear in a solo Hulk film. ready to act and just recently wanted to say that I found a reason for the fans to believe that it could happen.

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Shortly after we teased the possibility of a World War Hulk project by a clip of She-Hulk in the near future,

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Mayne Ruffalo was asked a talk about the same in a new interview. It was reported that while speaking to Entertainment Tonight,

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Mark opened up about whether he has a Hulk movie in the works and also stated whenever he wants to do it after the very Prius,

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and his appearance during the upcoming MCU show. For the role, the character will see him well-trained his cousin, Jennifer Walter (Malsony), 

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 who gains Hulk powers from him. And speculation of the World War Hulk story began after a sleeping spaceship and whic

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Bruce was seen piloting in Thor: Ragnarok appeared neatly in the She-Hulk clip In the meantime, as fans have been waiting to find out much more.

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about a potential Super Hulk movie in the upcoming show, which will hit the big screen on August 18, and there are other Marvel projects to 

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 watch out for. For the fans who have been waiting for the movie for more than a year.

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Gotta Wait It was reported that at this year's Comic-Con, the studio revealed its plans for Phases 5 and 6, 

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and the very addition of two new Avengers movies. This is going to be a huge blast. 

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Comic-Con confirmed that Avengers: Secret Wars will release approximately on November 7, 2025.