Grammarly is now well ready to use in Google Docs. How to Use Grammarly in Google Docs Now that Grammarly is installed and well enabled,

let's use it well in Google Docs. Grammarly has several different features you'll need when using it in Google Docs.

 Let's first take a look at what Grammarly can do. Red Underline: When you're typing anything, Grammarly shows

Grammarly shows a suggestion with a red underline. If you hover over the graph, the suggested correction shows up.

You can very well accept or reject Grammarly's suggestion in each instance. Grammatical icon: When you're in any type of

Google Document with Grammarly enabled, there's an icon in the lower-right corner. This icon gives you 

detailed information at a glance. When the icon displays a spinning wheel, Grammarly is thoroughly checking 

your work. icon is green, Grammarly doesn't see a problem with writing. When the icon turns red with a number inside,

 it means Grammarly has identified some issue. Grammarly Sidebar: To see you an in-depth list of suggestions,

clicking on the Grammarly icon opens the Grammarly Sidebar. You can thoroughly see the edits in the sidebar, 

clicking on a suggestion gives you a more in-depth description of the edit. Goal Setting: Grammar nicely allows

you to set goals for writing. You may well set goals for the audience formality, domain intent of your piece. 

Each goal is offered as a separate option depending on whether you are a free or premium subscriber. To modify goals, 

open Grammarly's sidebar. Click on the target with an arrow at the top. turn on grammar An easy way to improve writing in

 Google Docs is to use Grammarly. Just install it well, enable it well, good to go. Google's word processor

is a very powerful tool, you can make it even more useful with some of our favorite Google Docs tips and tricks.