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 US Bancorp is said to be a global company, and U.S. The bank's 

 headquarters are located at approximately 800 Nicollet Malls in Minneapolis, Minnesota. You may also

us bank

recognize our name well from US Bank Stadium®, which is approximately a mile from our headquarters

and Super Bowl LII that accompanies various events including the NCAA Men's Basketball 2019 Final Four.

us bank

It hosts well for sports and entertainment events. It was reported that in the United States of America.

The Bank's retail branch network is well concentrated in the Midwest and West with a recent expansion

 in the East Coast, but please be aware that our digital footprint is worldwide. Let us tell you that in this

fast growing digital age, all our customers located across the country opt for the bank through the US Bank mobile app.

With this, in fact, around 80% of consumer transactions are done as well as about 65% of loan sales are now 

completed digitally. We were told that we also have a very significant international presence with all

employees based in 13 countries. For example, let us tell you that the U.S. Elavon, which is also a subsidiary

of the bank, ranks as the fourth largest merchant acquirer in Europe, which is said to process payments 

for many of the continent's well-known retailers, restaurants, hotels and small and medium-sized businesses. Is.