Fuel prices expected to rise in November 2022 The Energy Department has blamed higher oil prices and a weaker dollar's

rand for the rise in the current price. Fuel prices are likely to increase next month. There is a very big problem

for the diesel users as there is going to be an increase of Rs 1.43 per liter. An increase of about 51 cents a liter

a liter in both grades of petrol. Illuminating paraffins are about to increase by about 77 cents a liter

Robert McKay of this department has to say about this that due to high demand and continuous short supply of diesel,

the price of diesel has increased the most compared to petrol. Economist Koketso Mano has to say about this that the fuel price

in the country is expected to come down in the next months. And it says the country's expectation of

 cheaper fuel prices in the short term will depend on the risk on global oil markets and the strength of the greenback.

Petrol prices are projected to continue gradually easing next year, with risks on international oil markets as well as subject to the 

rand or dollar exchange rate remaining well above pre-pandemic levels, said EU sanctions. With Russian

With Russian oil becoming very scarce, the US government will release reserves to limit too much price 

rise in the country, and the Fed is expected to raise rates further in November, supporting a stronger dollar.