Falcon Heavy rocket

SpaceX launches first Falcon Heavy rocket in three years The Bahubali rocket is for a classified mission

for the US Space Force that will leave space and return to Earth. The world's largest operational rocket provided an extra

treat after Halloween on November 1, the first Falcon Heavy rocket launched since 2019 that exploded under a spooky

blanket of haze off Cape Canaveral, Florida. The Falcon Heavy mission actually launched the rocket at 9:41 am

from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Which will carry satellites for the US military into space in an intelligence mission named USSF-44.

The Falcon Heavy mission has been launched after June 2019. Elon Musk has proved to be an important milestone. According to 

SpaceX, it was postponed by the Space Force for several years. Now NASA hopes that astronauts will return to the Moon. Musk 

dreams of creating a society on Mars. SpaceX launched the first mission of Falcon Heavy in February 2018.

Space-X founder Musk launched a Tesla Roadster car as a dummy payload. The Falcon Heavy is among the world's

 Falcon Heavy is among the world's three Falcon 9 boosters and is currently the most powerful rocket in the world.

SpaceX said the landed-side booster could be re-used at any time in future national security missions.