Management Recruitment Employee Refugee 2022 4 Strategies for Successfully Hiring Refugees More than five million

Ukrainians fled their country, with more than 68,000 making it to Canada. If not done already, most will soon 

start looking for jobs in new countries. It is important that employers be prepared to employ refugees in a way

that benefits all well. Our research sheds light on the experiences of newly hired refugees and provides employers

 with best practices. 28 Based on the experiences of refugees from German companies such as Syria, Afghanistan,

Iraq and Iran, the company explored the best ways employers can integrate refugee workers into the workplace.

Findings suggest that some refugee workers may have been unintentionally marginalized when their employers

provided too much aid. This is because employers see themselves as humanitarian refugee workers as victims 

 and not as fully autonomous human beings. A Syrian refugee worker told how she feels about the boss. She wants

to control everything in life. Can't stand it anymore. Had it been known earlier, would never have started the work.

Sometimes employers with good intentions may inadvertently undermine the agency of refugee workers. As refugees already

face many challenges in their search for employment, managers should avoid adding as many barriers as possible.

Ukrainian refugees board a plane before taking off from Frederick Chopin Airport in Warsaw, Poland, 

to Canada in July 2022. (AP Photo/Michal Dyjuk) by Humane Manager found that the experience of refugees in the workplace depended

on how managers perceived them, leading to three distinct types of employers, those of humanitarian, lecturer and practical.

Humanitarian managers portray refugees as good helpless victims, focusing on their vulnerabilities. Employers 

adopting the lens focused more on preventing refugees from failing, building their relevant capacities rather than unduly

 interfering in their personal family and financial issues. One employer admitted that he hired refugees based on his Christian

principles, later realizing that at least one did not have the right skills for his own job. He can only be deployed for unskilled labor.