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It Was Told That The Best Of Britney Spears And Elton John's Collaboration Is And Coming Sooner Than You All Think

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This party has the final release date of the all-you-can-all collaboration of Britney

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Spears and Elton John's good Tiny Dancer very soon. Find out when you'll be able to hear about the all-too-awaited duet song.

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She was told to wait a little longer, little dancer: Britney Spears and her partner Elton John are leaving

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their new music very soon. Rocket Man, his most anticipated collaborative remake of Elton's best Tiny Dancer,

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 will release on August 26 amongst you all, according to his singer. And dated August 19, Elton tweeted

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 a really cool photo of himself and Brittany smiling, along with what appears to be cover art for the upcoming project.

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Told that the cover art in question is a very old old photo of Britney in a beautiful pink

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feather dress next to the best picture of Elton as a pretty kid playing the piano in the gap.

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  After watching it it seems that the adorable images were very well completed with their name and song

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title called Hold Me Closer It was reported that this project well marked the release of Britney's

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first musical to all of you since the very early end of her guardianship last approximately November 2021.

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 , and when her ninth studio album Glory was released in front of everyone. It was reported that

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 the record also includes deluxe songs that were made public in 2020, such as Swimming in the Stars and Mood Ring.

It's been a while since hearing Britney's amazing new music, but the singer doesn't exactly shy away from flaunting her most stunning body of work amidst all.