Election 2022  In a special election, Seattle will vote on a'social housing' initiative.

The Seattle City Council unanimously approved a resolution Tuesday to allow King County elections to place the proposed Initiative 135 on the Feb14, 2023 special election ballot.

According to a report, the city will have to pay for the chief executive officer's and chief financial officer's

 salaries and perks for the first 18 months and carry out a feasibility analysis when thinking about selling public land.

The two posts are expected to cost the City Budget office about $750,000 over the course of the 18 months, excluding other starting expenses like office space and supplies.

Best In opposition, to the Compassion Seattle ballot issue, House Our Neighbors was founded last year. 

This would have" required the city to build more, shelters and maintain clear walkways and parkland.

The proposal received enough signatures to be included on the ballot for November of last year, but the Washington State Court of Appeals denied it.