A 'Planet killer' asteroid moving very fast towards Earth has been spotted very close to the Sun

A giant asteroid whose diameter is 1.1 to 2.3 km, scientists have named it 2022 AP7, it has been discovered between Earth and Venus.

Jay Tate, director of the National Near Earth Objects Information Center, said that for the time being, the likelihood of an impact is very low.

Scott Shepard pointed out that any asteroid larger than 1 km in size is considered a planet killer, because it causes a lot of atmospheric pollution.

This asteroid is very close to the sun, according to the scientist, the danger is a lot, but we cannot ignore it, the team of scientists is keeping an eye.

According to scientists, it is believed that if it stays close to the Sun, it can affect the sunlight for a very long time.

Scientists have spotted three asteroids named 2021 LJ4, 2021 PH27 and 2022 AP7. the first of the three is the smallest

Researchers say this asteroid is potentially the largest object for a planet to be discovered in about eight years. what we are seeing today