Dover incident: Firebombed asylum-seeking facility in Dover before killing himself According to reports, 

Aman conducted a firebomb attack before killing himself against an asylum-seeking facility in Dover today.

The attacker went to the western jet foil center this morning the small boats arrive immediately after landing on UK shores.

He then got out of the car and hurled petrol bombs with fireworks in the centre, a Reuters photographer

who witnessed the incident in its entirety said. The agency said that the man then killed himself there.

Mazur Kent Police said they were called to the center at 11.22 a.m., told two or three incendiary devices had started the fire.

Minor injuries were reported. Police were unable to confirm the report and the suspect died there. The charity

called on the government to condemn the attack. Detention Action tweeted this morning deeply concerned

concerned by reports of violent attacks on people seeking their asylum at a processing center in Dover.

The government must condemn today's attack and take steps to protect the safety as well as the rights

the rights and welfare of those seeking asylum. Care4Calais founder Claire Moseley said in a commentary to

Moseley said in a commentary to the Guardian that the rhetoric of ministers in this government is shocking.

It would be more effective to help all the people in our society than to continue this harmful campaign leading to these incidents.