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In this you were told that she called out haters in overly scathing tweets after Doja Kat got her backlash for shaving her head and brows well

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Doja Kat is doing the most well of all her haters. And after the chart-topping singer immediately took her brows and head live online, 

doja cat sexy

she's been receiving a ton of negative comments from most haters who are supposed to be against her gorgeous new look. 

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Recently supposedly, Doja Kat took a good decision to brush off her negative comments and she took to her Twitter to say some nice words to her.

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In her tweets, Doja penned a nice word Sunday, "I managed to win a good Grammy and travel the f-king globe well,

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 I just had #1 and I went platinum in my life." Who told him for hater ke ke wala and went on to bash the haters nicely,

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"I myself make hit after hit and you all want me to show you the f-cable so that and you can go home May go and live your c-ks well all day.

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 You all your moms [sic] in the basement," the 26-year-old singer then remarked, "You go yourself."

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This was conceived. However, some of her particular fans were greatly intrigued by the aggressive tone, as one wrote,

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"Girl your fans love you well and support you with a warm welcome." We don't deserve to talk to you like this," 

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while another person called his tweet an "attack with a personal rue". It was conceived as such.

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She still had bhakts for her who also favored her well throughout her internet tenure, as another person wrote,

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"clearly telling her to talk to her haters." So why would you all take it so personally?" the weeknd and doja cat

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Meanwhile, sometime after Doja shaved her hair on her Instagram Live, she opened up about not liking her hair that was,

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 "I can't believe myself why it took me so long for this to happen, I feel like I shouldn't have hair like that." She continued, "I don't like having hair, but