'Do Revenge' Teen Strangers Nicely Connected to a Train That Runs on It Steam Mixing the Mean Girls vibe

with the stars of two popular very teen franchises Camila Mendes Riverdale and Maya Hawke in Stranger Things,

Do Revenge has all the makings of an attention machine. Too bad the Netflix film doesn't quite match

those qualities, offering up a mishmash of tributes that are mildly deviant but can't make it to the finale.

Director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson's most obvious inspiration in the second film from Netflix's Somebody 

Great will be Alfred Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train, a pair of high-school students who get along well,

realizing they're simmering against them. Discuss the possibility of forming a team to take revenge against.

Yet plot Robinson doesn't quite confidently pursue that tempting prospect, based on a script by Celeste

Ballard that might explain why it ran out of steam under the stretch. The film also owes other teen fare, Cruel Intentions,

which itself is an adaptation of the French novel Dangerous Contact Became. The story of a mostly unlikely friendship set against

the backdrop of another private school. Parties Roman children seem to fade by comparison to be restrained. 

 The cast was filled with talent from other franchises, which featured an unarmed short cameo in Austin

 unarmed short cameo in Austin Abrams' euphoria Alisha Bo 13 Reasons Why's Sophie Turner on Game of Thrones.