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Cummins Inc. announced the sale of 500 hydrogen-powered engines to one of the large trucking logistics 

companies in the United States, the Columbus-based company announced is testing hydrogen engines for a variety of applications.

Cummins said that Werner Enterprises Inc. signed the letter of intent to purchase 500 15-liter hydrogen internal combustion 

engines when they become available, with Cummins giving no indication that the engines were expected to be ready.

Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Werner Enterprises has approximately 8,000 trucks with over 24,000 trailers, according to the 

company's website. Both companies said the letter of intent is part of Werner Enterprise's effort to integrate Cummins' 

natural gas hydrogen engines into its fleet. Customers showed great enthusiasm for the hydrogen internal

combustion engine, which seems to be a breakthrough technology needed to reach destination zero. It is believed

with substantial interest that this technology can be mass-manufactured in this decade to provide customers 

with an option that is user-familiar with low initial cost, extended vehicle range, powertrain installation.

Cummins has a strategy to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, reducing the greenhouse gas air quality impacts of 

Destination Zero products. In July 021, Cummins said it was testing a hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engine

 in the company's latest effort to meet energy and environmental needs. It was reported that over 24,000

Match 6 lotto tickets won prizes in the drawing. Players are reminded to check tickets. Cummins said last year after

proof-of-concept testing it planned to evaluate the engine in a variety of on- and off-highway applications. 

Not all officials gave any indication of how long the trial would last, but expressed hope that the company

 would be well able to bring the engine to market. Wednesday's announcement included the push for hydrogen-powered vehicles

in the U.S. Continuing in the U.S., companies around the world are exploring technology to greatly reduce

exploring technology to greatly reduce emissions from semi-trucks, trains, buses, power plants, among applications.