Top European bankers warn of recession well, to China and US banks RANKFURT, Sept 7 DAY (Reuters) - Deutsche Bank

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 (DBKGn.DE)'s Christian Sewing warned on Wednesday the day, painting a bleak assessment of the German

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economy, poses a big risk to China and Europe to fend off US biggest banks. was required. Competitor.

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The CEO of the country's top lender said Germany has not been able to avert a recession because it has become

too dependent on Russian energy. Russia halted gas supplies to Germany through a major pipeline,

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intensifying the economic battle between Moscow and Europe. The recession in some of the region's richest

countries raised the prospects of energy rationing. Sewing, speaking at the banking conference in Frankfurt,

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said Europe learned how dangerous it is to be too dependent on individual countries or regions.

He said Germany would now be faced with the strange question of how to deal with China, given the growing

isolation and tensions. Reducing the dependency required no less fundamental changes than decoupling

from Russian energy, Sewing said. Ukraine is reported to have thrown European banks into turmoil after

the outbreak of the war, trying to cut ties with Russia, executing a series of tough sanctions against Moscow, 

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navigating an uncertain and weak economy. Tailoring concerns for the economic outlook echoed by chief

executive Andrea Orcell, Europe suffered a relatively shallow recession, with a rebound in 2024.

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