Tampa Bay Buccaneers Preview vs Dallas Cowboys The Buccaneers are now officially in Week One of the NFL season to play later tonight.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have had a particularly tumultuous season. With the retirement of Tom Brady,

 the non-retirement of Tom Brady, the retirement of Ali Marpet, the departure of veteran free agents,

the hiring of Todd Bowles to replace Bruce Arian, he moved into an advisory role, Gronk's retirement,

Tom More drama surrounding Brady joining the Dolphins leaks of his plans and then his absence from the

 from the team which now appears to be due to personal issues at home has a lot for our team to unpack.

Here we are with football coming back. The Buccaneers will begin their own season in a primetime game against

the Dallas Cowboys later tonight. Started our season against the same team last year, and the first game

proved to be a nail-bite, with a very hard 31-29 win against the Cowboys. Dak Prescott threw over 400 yards

in last year's edition of this, controlling his passing game to be the focal point for Tampa Bay this year.

The big difference for the Cowboys this year was the loss of Amari Cooper who was his team's lead receiver in last

year's game against us, who was second on the team for the year. Trading Cooper for Brown was a questionable move.

It certainly takes the dynamic playmaker away from his team, putting them too much faith in lead receiver CD

Lamb last year to continue the load with Michael Gallup. Rookie Jalen Tolbert. Helping them would be Duck Prescott's

Duck Prescott's very own prowess, having the fourth highest completion percentage in the league last season, 

 the line throwing our receivers out of the way to give our line some time to put pressure on the post, 

making less accurate passes. Carlton Davis, Jamel Dean, Sean Murphy-Bunting will all be very busy this Dallas offense loves to pass the ball!