Tampa Bay Buccaneers preview vs Dallas Cowboys 2022 The run defense should really be in effect again this year

even with the loss of Nadamakong Suh, as we have one of the best linebacker groups in the game right now with

Vita Way taking up space. In the context of our crime it needs to know where Micah Parsons stands in every single play.

 Parsons is a game changer who can easily catch a passerby, get back into coverage, sniff the ball carrier before

they can even make it to the line of scrimmage. This guy is very aggressive, he would have made a big impact on

 the game so we definitely need to make sure he is responsible for that. The Cowboys defense pretty much forced more

turnovers than any other team in the league last year, last time we had them for four (two fumbles two interceptions), 

 this time taking care of the ball will be crucial. Much of it begins with Trayvon Diggs the Dallas cornerback 

 who led the league in interceptions last year. The distance left also gives him a lot of risk more reward. Diggs was very

capable of taking on Brady last year, this year it will be up to Tom and his receiver to reduce his bounty to Diggs' risk.

A key part of a good Sunday night success will have to come with a balanced attack at the Cowboys. Tampa ran

the 7th most yards in the league last year. If we can respect the threat of a run to Dallas, that should slow the rush

of their deadly passes, preventing some of the pressure from our offensive line. Long the Block Cowboys Rush

Defense is ranked 8th worst in the league in terms of opposition per carry, something that Leonard Fournette

will desperately need to capitalize on to really impact the game this year . Overall I feel like this first week

 of the season is in a very close game, and I can't wait to break the very hope of winning with you guys.