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How the binational bank best promotes green projects along the US-Mexico border

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San Antonio (Border Report) - Binational North American Development Bank or NADBank,

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considered one of the earlier green banks, equally owned by the governments of the United States 

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and Mexico and a good According to the news only finances environmental projects on the south-west border.

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According to the information, NADBank Managing Director Calixto Mateos-Hanel 

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 recently had a thorough meeting with Border Report at their offices in San Antonio

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and explained how this non-profit financial institution operates.

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Told that we are a binational bank. We're one of the first good green banks and we're

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a good border bank and we're a not-for-profit organization so that said we're really a U.S. 

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bank. And in the benefit of Mexico's population, the border projects for the US/

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/Mexico border do well, Mateos-Hanel said by himself.

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Both the US and Mexican governments together paid about $202.5 million 

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to capitalize on NADBank, which began operating well in November 1994.

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As Mateos-Hanel said himself, the institution is well involved in 291 projects,

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including about 140 in the United States and about 151 in Mexico.