Things to Look for at the Bank of England's Rating Meeting The Bank of England this week announced its latest

 decision on interest rates with very good and new forecasts for the UK economy. It was one of the most turbulent periods in 

UK economic history at the BoE's last interest rate meeting on 22 September 2022. Liz Truss's mini budget included

Truss's mini budget included an untaxed tax cut of about £45 billion, greatly increasing government borrowing costs,

New Prime Minister Rishi Sunak promised a new economic strategy in the government's autumn statement on

17 November 2022, interest rate decision In response to the high inflation, nine members of the MPC will vote on

how much to raise the official interest rate from the current level of 2.25 percent. Sunak's government plans

to cut growth and spending, pull money out of the economy and ease inflationary pressures. These actions

would now undermine the need for larger interest rate hikes. BoE Governor Andrew Bailey warned the central bank would be

would be "flying blind" because the government has never made important decisions on public finances yet.

decisions on public finances yet. MPC members will increase the bank rate by 0.75 per cent on Thursday.