About Using Grammarly in Google Docs Google Docs is the word processor that people use to write everything from articles to emails.

It's kinda hard to write, many people turn to Docs' built-in spell checker to improve writing. Native spell

Native spell checker works great, third party services can give better suggestions too. Grammarly is considered

one of the best Google Chrome extensions and provides a more advanced good check of your spelling and grammar.

 If you've recently swapped your laptop for a top-of-the-line Chromebook, you're probably missing out

on other advanced features in Microsoft Word's editor. Don't worry, Grammarly is a pretty solid addition to Google 

Google Docs that rivals the Microsoft editor nicely. how do you install grammar To start using Grammarly, you must first install it.

Google Docs First open Google Chrome. You go to the Chrome Web Store Well navigate to the Grammar detail page.

Well you click on the Add to Chrome button. Now in the dialog box that pops up, tap on the Add extension button now

Once you have installed the extension, a tab will open prompting you to sign in or create a Grammarly account.

Google Docs After a moment, Grammarly is installed in the Chrome browser. Other popular browsers like Safari, 

 Edge can install Grammarly in Firefox, but the best experience would be using Chrome. How and How to Enable

How and How to Enable Grammarly in Google Docs Since Grammarly is now well established, let's make sure it's very

capable and ready for use in Google Docs. One you open a Google document. Go to and click on the Grammarly extension icon

 in the top-right corner of your browser. Also turn on the Check Enabled toggle switch to write suggestions on Google Docs.