Last Moment of Resistance – The Home Sweet Home Loan

Two friends with mutual admiration for each other embark on a last minute last man standing home sweet home loan. Ryan ends up surprising everyone by turning down an offer for a home sweet loan from his girlfriend’s family. When Ryan discovers that the perfect place for Kristin is at a golf club, he cancels the last minute plan and scoffs at the idea of a last minute getaway.

With debts piling up and budgets getting tighter, these last minute getaways become less viable. A planned escape becomes a nightmare as debts mount and budgets get tighter. Frustration leads to threats of filing for bankruptcy and last minute plans fall apart. As the couple contemplates their future, they both agree that it is time to end their marriage. The following are the events that unfold.

 home sweet home loan
home sweet home loan

Family turmoil-The last minute plans go into overdrive when Ryan’s girlfriend tells him that she wants to spend the weekend with him. Out of spite, Ryan cancels his last minute holiday and tells his parents that he is going away on a ‘business trip’ to see his girlfriend. As news of this spread, more people start to worry about their son’s well being. Family tensions rise and a last minute getaway is averted.

Affair Ryan’s parents finally find out about the entire affair and are shocked to learn that the wife took the loan without their knowledge. They immediately file for divorce and Ryan’s girlfriend backs out of the deal. It seems that the last minute home sweet loan was just one act of infidelity and not something that the couple planned on doing.

Power struggles Ryan’s parents try to talk to his friends and explain the reasons why they think that Ryan might have been having an affair. No one has any idea that it was the last minute home sweet loan that pushed things over the edge. A fight breaks out in the neighborhood over this issue and is followed by threats from both sides. It seems like no one is happy with the way things have turned out.

Financial woes Ryan’s friend decides to help him out and lends him money. It is just at this point that Ryan realizes that the last minute home sweet home loan was just one of the many things that have gotten him into financial trouble. He had borrowed a huge amount of money from his friend in order to pay for his honeymoon. It is just at this point that Ryan realises that the whole affair with his girlfriend has to come to an end.

 home sweet home loan
home sweet home loan

Devastating effects Ryan’s last minute home sweet home loan has destroyed his credit. He will not be able to get any more loans until he pays off his debt. Ryan and his friend both end up hurting each other financially. Neither can afford to pay their debts.

There you have it. I tried to be as short and simple as possible with this last minute story. I hope that it has helped you and made your week a little less painful. If you have any thoughts or questions for me, you can e-mail me at anytime. I would love to hear from you.

Please note that I am not a financial expert. I am just sharing my personal experiences with last minute loan applicants. The information provided is what worked for me and almost worked for you. You may need a different loan to get out of your bind.

If you are a last minute loan candidate, please do not get discouraged. The fact is, thousands of people are in the same position as you. Just keep reminding yourself that you have only 60 seconds to make a decision. The last second is crucial. It may determine the rest of your life.

The last thing you want is to spend your last moment without anything. I know that is what you are facing right now. I hope that this last minute advice has helped you. Good luck!

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